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Executive job search and career re-direction

I am a business coach specializing in job search and executive coaching.

I help people take charge of their work lives.

My job search clients range from senior professionals well-established in their careers to students just getting started in the workplace. My executive coaching clients range from middle managers and team leaders to individual producers, many from the world of Wall Street where I spent 25 years as a manager of trading and sales teams at hedge funds and financial firms.

Steve Cary

I measure my success in terms of client results.

  • Finding a better job than the one you were laid off from a year ago.

  • Repairing a broken or badly-strained relationship with a supervisor or client.

  • Achieving new success and recognition at an existing job or business.

  • Identifying new career possibilities in line with your interests and skills.

  • Improving the output and teamwork of your direct reports by changing your management style.

The InsideOut Process

Inside out is proactive, forward-looking, and not about me prescribing solutions from my autobiography. Clients focus on themselves, on what to do and how to do it, and, most importantly, on the follow-through that's critical to achieving significant outcomes. All my clients get clear on who they are, where they are going and how they will get there. That inside out focus cultivates the staying power and motivation clients need to see their way through difficult challenges.

Inside out job search is about:

  • Identifying what you want to do professionally.

  • Understanding, and being able to articulate, the problems you represent a solution to as a potential hire

  • Networking to gather information and leads about companies and organizations that interest you

  • Closing on the job that's right for you through effective self-presentation.

First find your voice,
then find an audience for it.

Inside out performance improvement is about:

  • Internalizing the right goals.

  • Committing to a plan of new and better behaviors.

  • Sustaining the effort with effective self-management.

You are always your own boss.

The assumption underlying all good coaching is that we can influence outcomes that are important to us if we focus on ourselves and the freedom we have to act. Inside out coaching helps people discover potential in themselves and their situations they did not know was there and take actions they would not have taken on their own. Awareness of potential and effective actions are the means clients use to achieve significant results both on-the-job and in job search.


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